Community Guidelines

Our goal with Community Guidelines is to ensure respect through our Services for each User of the

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" ” app for iPhone and smartphone operated exclusively by the Managers of website, available for free download on the App Store and Google Play Store and on its website. The personal pronouns " we ”, " us ”, the possessive pronoun " ours ” and the possessive adjective "our" refer to

" Managers ” owners and exclusive operators of and its associated Services.

" Services ” app, its website and its commercial and non-commercial products and services.

Community Guidelines ” or " Guidelines ” rules to be complied with in order to ensure respect through our Services.

" Component ” any component of our Services "brand", "logo", "slogan", "design", "photo", "picture", "video", "text", "source code", "software", "structure" and any other Component of our Services not listed.

Player(s) ” ; " User(s) ” any person using our Services.

Our policy

Do not use our Services or Component of our Services to trade.

Do not use our Services for advertising purposes to solicit Players.

We reserve the right to make unilateral changes at any time to these Community Guidelines. In order to take into consideration any changes in our policy and/or changes made to our Services. We update the effective date when we post the new Community Guidelines.

About the Community Guidelines
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Effective date : April 27, 2019